Mighty Plugs for surfing, bodyboarding, swimming and all watersports
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Mighty Plugs Are The * BEST * Value & Here’s Why!

  1. Made from (All Natural) ingredients that nurture the skin, & (not from synthetic or chemically based) sources.
  2. Especially  *Soft & Mouldable* so that they form to seal the ear canal upon insertion.
  3. They fit all size ears! Simply pinch off to make smaller or combine ear plugs to enlarge.
  4. They *seal-out* water to prevent Exostoses ‘Surfers Ear’ and water born ear infections.
  5. The best value for the money! Each pair can be worn 25 to 35 times & more!
  6. Handle heavy wipe-outs at speed and never come out!
  7. Longevity! With an “unlimited shelf life”; they are a wise investment for now & the future.
  8. We proudly provide a 100% ( Risk-Free ) Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!!!!
  9. Their antibacterial! Made for sticking in your ears, not sticking up posters!
  10. Keeps you in the water and keeps the water out!

Earplugs for surfing, bodyboarding, swimming and all watersports


“I find Mighty Plugs to be a superior and affordable plug.
They perform in all conditions and withstand even the most severe wipeouts.
Unlike pre-moulded types, Mighty Plugs create a reliable seal unique to your ear every time.
Mighty Plugs allow me more time in the water and keep my Surfers Ear at bay.
I recommend you try Mighty Plugs, you wont go back..”

Jon Hines President, Dudley Boardriders

I have suffered from ear problems for over 20 years and at times have had to give up surfing completely. I have had both of my ears operated on to remove the exostoses but it grew back fast. I tried a lot of earplugs on the market and found them unreliable and would go back to BluTac which has a chemical adhesive that would irritate my ears. I began using Mighty Plugs 7 years ago, they are more malleable and comfortable than BluTac, they fit any size ears and they are made from all natural materials which nurture the skin. I am so impressed by the versatility and reliability of Mighty Plugs I have set up a business here in Australia to make them easily available for water sports lovers to try. I hope you find Mighty Plugs as helpful as I do.

Best wishes

Mathew Badger 45. Dudley NSW, AUS. (Owner of Surfers Earplugs Australia)

I have been surfing for over 30 years but more recently have had to spend time out of the water due to blocked ears, ear infections and the increased likelihood of developing surfers ear. I invested in some Mighty Plugs the Worlds Finest Ear Plugs and have found them to be simple to use, comfortable to wear and most effective in keeping wind and water out of my ears. Now I surf as often as possible and once again enjoy my time in the ocean thanks to SEA and Mighty Plugs.

Julieann Smith 53. Whitebridge NSW.

I have been suffering the effect of surfers ear for about the last 12 months. I am a Life Guard, surfer, bodyboarder and spearfisherman. About 2 months ago I got myself a pair of Mighty Plugs from Mat (sea). I am still using the same pair, they are user friendly, reliable and good value.

I can fully recommend the plugs! Thanks

Jaxson Duck – 25. Merewether, NSW, AUS. 2015