Mighty Plugs Are The BEST Value & Here’s Why!

  • Made from (All Natural) ingredients that nurture the skin, & (not from synthetic or chemically based) sources.
  • Especially Soft & Moldable so that they form to seal the ear canal upon insertion.
  • They fit all size ears! Simply pinch off to make smaller or combine ear plugs to enlarge.
  • They seal-out water to prevent Exostoses ‘Surfers Ear’ and water born ear infections.
  • The best value for the money! Each pair can be worn 25 to 35 times & more!
  • Handle heavy wipe-outs at speed and never come out!
  • Longevity! With an “unlimited shelf life”; they are a wise investment for now & the future.
  • Made by Beneficial Products Inc., Dedicated to Providing Products that are Beneficial for Humanity
  • We proudly provide a 100% ( Risk-Free ) Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee )!!!!
  • Their antibacterial! Made for sticking in your ears, not sticking up posters!
  • Keeps you in the water and keeps the water out