JoalGray – 43 Newcastle, NSW AUS. 2015

I am a surfer who has suffered from Surfers Ear for the past 5 yrs. After initially trying many different types of Ear plugs, I found nothing except blutac would completely stop water getting in my ears. The main problem with blutac was it would leave sticky residue inside my ear canal which created problems also. I tried more expensive plugs, some leaked and another brand fell out on my second surf, $70 down the drain. About 1 yr ago a friend suggested Mighty Plugs & for me they work better than anything else I have tried with no toxic residue.

I go through a pair (Local Box) every 2-3 months, which I’m happy with at around $13 a throw. Well worth it as they keep me in the water & away from the Doctors!

JoalGray - 43 Newcastle, NSW AUS. 2015