Steven (mouse) Higgins – 51, Dudley NSW AUS.2015

Being a surfer for over forty years, my ears are at the stage where they need protection from the constant battering of water pressure that mother ocean delivers. I’ve tried many types of ear plugs, but none more successful than Mighty Plugs. After softening them in your fingers for about fifteen seconds, they mold perfectly into your ears which creates a waterproof seal and a protection that other plugs do not provide. They are comfortable and easily removed. I’ve taken some heavy wipeouts with the Mighty Plugs and they don’t fall out. Another thing that I like about Mighty Plugs is that they are made from all natural products and re-usable. So if your a surfer/ water person and you value your ears, I totally recommend you try Mighty Plugs…….you won’t be disappointed!

Steven (mouse) Higgins - 51, Dudley NSW AUS.2015