“I find Mighty Plugs to be a superior and affordable plug.
They perform in all conditions and withstand even the most severe wipeouts.
Unlike pre-moulded types, Mighty Plugs create a reliable seal unique to your ear every time.
Mighty Plugs allow me more time in the water and keep my Surfers Ear at bay.
I recommend you try Mighty Plugs, you wont go back..”

Jon Hines President, Dudley Boardriders

I have suffered from ear problems for over 20 years and at times have had to give up surfing completely. I have had both of my ears operated on to remove the exostoses but it grew back fast. I tried a lot of earplugs on the market and found them unreliable and would go back to BluTac which has a chemical adhesive that would irritate my ears. I began using Mighty Plugs 7 years ago, they are more malleable and comfortable than BluTac, they fit any size ears and they are made from all natural materials which nurture the skin. I am so impressed by the versatility and reliability of Mighty Plugs I have set up a business here in Australia to make them easily available for water sports lovers to try. I hope you find Mighty Plugs as helpful as I do.

Best wishes

Mathew Badger 45. Dudley NSW, AUS. (Owner of Surfers Earplugs Australia)

I have been surfing for over 30 years but more recently have had to spend time out of the water due to blocked ears, ear infections and the increased likelihood of developing surfers ear. I invested in some Mighty Plugs the Worlds Finest Ear Plugs and have found them to be simple to use, comfortable to wear and most effective in keeping wind and water out of my ears. Now I surf as often as possible and once again enjoy my time in the ocean thanks to SEA and Mighty Plugs.

Julieann Smith 53. Whitebridge NSW.

I have been suffering the effect of surfers ear for about the last 12 months. I am a Life Guard, surfer, bodyboarder and spearfisherman. About 2 months ago I got myself a pair of Mighty Plugs from Mat (sea). I am still using the same pair, they are user friendly, reliable and good value.

I can fully recommend the plugs! Thanks

Jaxson Duck – 25. Merewether, NSW, AUS. 2015


Having ‘Surfers Ear’ for the past 15 years, I’ve found these plugs to be the best, most reliable plug by far surf after surf! I’ve been buying them off Mathew (sea) for 6+ years now, using every surf from frigid water too warm water, 1ft too 10ft+. Without I can’t Surf, Whomp or Swim. They are the plug that keeps me in the water…

Jay Lorro - 36, NSW, AUS. 2015

Both my wife and I have been using Mighty Plugsfor at least 5 years.We use them to surf and swim. They keep us warm and take the wind and water away. They are practical and very effective. After use the ear canal feels nice and smooth.

I could say we are addicted to these soft natural plugs. We would not swim or surf without them.

I recommend this product to all water fanatics.

Dr CinoBendinelli, MD – 45, Newcastle Aus. 2015

I am a surfer who has suffered from Surfers Ear for the past 5 yrs. After initially trying many different types of Ear plugs, I found nothing except blutac would completely stop water getting in my ears. The main problem with blutac was it would leave sticky residue inside my ear canal which created problems also. I tried more expensive plugs, some leaked and another brand fell out on my second surf, $70 down the drain. About 1 yr ago a friend suggested Mighty Plugs & for me they work better than anything else I have tried with no toxic residue.

I go through a pair (Local Box) every 2-3 months, which I’m happy with at around $13 a throw. Well worth it as they keep me in the water & away from the Doctors!

JoalGray - 43 Newcastle, NSW AUS. 2015

Being a surfer for over forty years, my ears are at the stage where they need protection from the constant battering of water pressure that mother ocean delivers. I’ve tried many types of ear plugs, but none more successful than Mighty Plugs. After softening them in your fingers for about fifteen seconds, they mold perfectly into your ears which creates a waterproof seal and a protection that other plugs do not provide. They are comfortable and easily removed. I’ve taken some heavy wipeouts with the Mighty Plugs and they don’t fall out. Another thing that I like about Mighty Plugs is that they are made from all natural products and re-usable. So if your a surfer/ water person and you value your ears, I totally recommend you try Mighty Plugs…….you won’t be disappointed!

Steven (mouse) Higgins - 51, Dudley NSW AUS.2015

I started using Mighty Plugs after a recommendation from a friend and I now couldn’t recommend them more. I was having at least two ear infections and complete blockage of the ear each month. My doctor was out of solutions and I was in waiting to have my ears operated on due to surfers ear. Since starting using the Mighty Plugs I haven’t had another infection or blockage and I am hoping with continued use of the plugs that surgery won’t be necessary. It’s reassuring as well to know that they are made from natural products.

Thanks Surfers Earplugs Australia!

Andrew Wafer– 33, Lennox Head AUS. 2015

Suffered Ear Problems for 18 Years–Problem solved! “Your ear plugs are fantastic, I am now water-skiing”
” Hi: My name is Dawn and I have been suffering ear problems for 18 years. I was told not to swim, water-ski ect. due to my problem. When my husband bought a house with a very large swimming pool, I decided to try your ear plugs to see if they would work. They did! These earplugs are fantastic and I am now water-skiing after 18 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you “

Dawn – AUS - 2015

I have been using your great ear plugs for about 20 years, never hear my husband snoring & sleep like a baby. My dish washer was leaking around the door seal. I had some well-used earplugs, “World’s Finest” of course. I warmed them up in a shape and pressed them in the small leak in my door seal. It’s working beautifully!!!–so I saved on dishwasher repairman–Thank you

CPT. David "Bo"; Medley - 2010